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Neon Wasteland 3D Reveal Trailer from Rob Shields on Vimeo.


Hack the metaverse on your transforming cyberbike in this 3D pixel punk action runner.


  • - 8 game worlds, 8 playable characters, 8 unique boss battles
    - Constantly evolving game play blends racing, shooting, hacking and slashing.
    - Tie-in Animated Comic Book tells an entirely unique story that does not ape or re-hash famous movie plot lines (gross).
    - Synthwave sound track keeps you company while hacking the grid.
    - Two speeds fast and faster.
    - 100% Anti Nostalgia Cash in Guarantee. Don't get me wrong the 80s was cool but today is so much cooler.


(October 2018)

Neon Wasteland  Accelerator demo up for a limited time!  Grab it now before its gone! 

Known Bugs

-The pause menu "main menu" button stops working sometimes.  If this happens press F1 to return to the main menu.

Install instructions

Mouse and Keyboard Supported on NWDD Demo 


Neon Wasteland Free.zip 146 MB