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Neon Wasteland 3D Reveal Trailer from Rob Shields on Vimeo.


Hack the metaverse on your transforming cyberbike in this 3D pixel punk action runner.


  • - 8 game worlds, 8 playable characters, 8 unique boss battles
    - Constantly evolving game play blends racing, shooting, hacking and slashing.
    - Tie-in Animated Comic Book tells an entirely unique story that does not ape or re-hash famous movie plot lines (gross).
    - Synthwave sound track keeps you company while hacking the grid.
    - Two speeds fast and faster.
    - 100% Anti Nostalgia Cash in Guarantee. Don't get me wrong the 80s was cool but today is so much cooler.


(June 2018)

Too Many Games 2018 Edition now available.  Contains one 2D and one 3D level.  2D level design and controls have been refined thanks to help from all the awesome gamers at Too Many Games 2018!

(May 2018)

Neon Wasteland returns with an all new 2D metroid vania style level.  Be sure to check it out!

(January 2018)

MAG FEST EDITION NOW UP!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by Mag Fest 2018 and purchased the game.  The MAG Fest edition of the game is up with the two level available at the show plus two more levels for you to enjoy.   The game is now entering the final phase of development where it will get bug fixes, more polished graphics, all new levels and maybe a new mechanic or two.  Thank you all so much for your support and feedback.  If you have any issues with the game feel free to drop me an email any time.  

Known Bugs.   If the menu system becomes unresponsive press F1 to return to the main menu.  

(October 2017)


-Faster loading times

-New pause menu includes control break down and fixes button bug

-New rainbow file mechanism lets you see how far you are from the goal

Level 1 

-New Intro animation

-Disappearing ground is animated to let you know which panels will disappear ahead of time

Level 2

-New Song added 

-Shields power up added

Level 3

-Shields power up added

-Level design improved for better playability

Level 4 added!

(August 2017)

Level 3  now available!  If anyone from Too Many Games has not received their new download code please email from your pre order email so I can verify you identity and I will email you the code.  

(July 2017)

Game is now built for 64 bit OS (last one was accidentally built at 32 bit probably no real changes visible here but it will take advantage of 64 bit OS now)

Level 1

-Fixed a bug on disappearing ground section when rewinding (visible ground will catch you now after a rewind saves your life)

Level 2

-Hover bike now stays level for better hit detection aka when you transform to the hover bike you aren't dragging your ass anymore

-Hover bike transformation animation added

-3D trains added

-Level design updated in numerous locations to improve play ability

Known Bugs

-The pause menu "main menu" button stops working sometimes.  If this happens press F1 to return to the main menu.


For exclusive updates, new animated comic book pages and early access to game builds (+ more) please consider supporting this project on Patreon


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Bought this at TooManyGames, and I believe it was worth the purchase. Really great game, and can't wait to see it continue.

Hey thanks so much for the purchase and the kind words!  Please let me know if you are having any issues downloading the game here.  I want to make sure everyone gets their content and is able to play both levels 1 and 2!

This game rocks so hard!

hey thanks so much! just getting started. can't wait to share the extended demo it has more power ups a bigger enemies!

Hey there, it was a short demo but loved the game, good graphics use for 2D and my kind of environment. Look forward to playing the full game I noticed I was able to go through some obstacles a few times which I was jumping and changing position I think, probably helped me complete the game, hehe. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hey man thanks so much for playing and also posting a youtube video I just got done watching and you totally killed it! Haha. Most people I play tested with didn't get done anywhere near as fast as you did lol. There is an extended version of the demo coming out on May 9th that will be a bit harder and will finish off the first level with a proper mini boss. All in all the game will have 24 levels and 8 boss battles so this is just a small sampling of what is in store. The gameplay will also switch up and you'll get new playable characters. Really glad to see you do so well as I wanted it to start off easier to keep people from getting frustrated to early. Thanks again so much for playing, sharing and commenting!

Thank you for that, I originally did not focus on the tutorial so I did crash a lot but I decided to focus on that first. I was not expecting it would play the game after. But I would be happy to see the rest when it is done.